Trending Wedding Color themes for Fall 2020

Trending Wedding Color themes for Fall 2020

True as they say, seasons come and go. And 2020 felt like a minute--- weren’t we just dancing in our sundresses with a margarita on hand? Now we’re starting to cozy up beside the toasty fireplace with some sweater on, sipping teas and latte. Classic. And we’re not complaining at all. Everything about fall is just as exciting as the warmth of summer--- seeing the leaves turn into a striking color of oranges, reds mixed with earth tones is enough to make anyone feel warm and giddy and in love. What more if your wedding is set this season?


If you’re all about the trendiest fall wedding hues this 2020, check out below what Marla's recommended color themes that you can try:

Pumpkin + Cream + Sepia + Walnut

Go full-on fall colors with pumpkin, walnut and hints of cream and sepias cause what screams fall than taking the biggest inspiration from the famous pumpkin spice latte. Make your wedding palette as rustic, warm and cozy as this drink with an energizing hue of pumpkin orange toned down by color of sepias and woods like that of walnut.

Sage + Burnt Orange + Butter + Aegean Blue

Bring your wedding closer to that of nature around you. A more muted color of oranges and greens like Sage and Burnt orange are hands-down on top of our minds if that’s the vibe you’re going for. And what a great way to break through the fall color than the calming hue of aegean blue and butter. This combination of colors perfectly infuses fall season and breezy mediterranean sea into your wedding. We’re already drifting away just thinking about this palette idea.

Shades of Gray + Ivory + Dusty Blue

Soft, romantic and dreamy. We’ve seen gray as a popular color this year for weddings, paired with hints of silver for extra iridescent glamour. But dusty blue is also a mainstay this season along with the classic ivory. This palette pairing is a total love-in-the-moonlight and can suit any wedding style you wish-- from simple soirees to french elegance, we know that this palette is nothing short of perfection.

Bold Red + Black + Lilac

No gloom in this palette for sure, only chicness and deep romance. We’ve seen more brides choosing daring color combinations including the burgundy, cherry red, wine and black for the past seasons. Not gonna lie, we’ve been loving this edgy pairing of sleekness and sultry. Add some hints of lilacs for that touch of first love and we’re ready to get swoon.

Electric Indigo + Peach + Plum + Buttercup + Marsala + Neutrals

Speaking of bold colors, we’ve seen high-fashion names cover rich playful palettes for fall season such as indigo, peach, plum and buttercup. In contrast with the muted colors of fall, bright colors such as these can instantly liven up your wedding. After all, autumn doesn’t mean abandoning vibrant colors, right? Pull back your palette to a more fall-appropriate theme with the richness of Marsala and muted neutrals.

Which Wedding Color Themes Would You Try?

Which Wedding Color Themes would you try?