Top 5 Bridesmaid Gowns to try this 2020!

Top 5 Bridesmaid Gowns to try this 2020!

Having your best gals on your special day is just one of those peak #squadgoals moment. Being able to celebrate a milestone in each other’s life together is just *heart eyes emoji*.

And your special day is just as valid a reason to get the gang all glammed up. Whether you choose the dress for your bridesmaid to coordinate or they pick it out for themselves to express their individuality, here’s a look at 5 best Marla’s Fashions bridesmaid dresses that are so stylish your best gals might even re-wear them!

5. Chic Jumpsuits

1. Manage Stress

Okay! I know it’s not the kind of “dress” you might be expecting but it’s 2020 and styles are ever changing.

Since your badass bridesmaids are in charge of helping you in every way they can, being able to move comfortably and freely might make you consider this pick. Let your boss babes walk down the aisle and turn heads.

Here are some of the recommended Chic Jumpsuits for you to try:

4. Sophisticated Short Dresses

Simple short dresses give a refreshing feeling yet remain sophisticated especially with satin and laces like these dresses. These frocks are easy to move with and we love how they can make the legs look longer and give an hour-glass illusion.

Here are some of the recommended Short Dresses for you to try:

3. Sleek and Sexy

Metallic fabric and sequins have always been a great choice for a classy, glamorous look. Paired with natural waistlines and slightly body-fitting silhouettes, it will surely give a hint of sensuality to your bridesmaids. A big nod from us.

Here are some of the recommended Sleek Dresses for you to try:

2. Hello, High Lows

High low dresses are sure a vision of your friendship that has been tested by time (pun intended). It’s a good choice if you are still debating between long dress or short ones, as it is mid-length and still exudes elegance.

Here are some of the recommended High Lows for you to try:

1. Pleated A-lines

Finally, A-lines are just a great cut for dresses on wedding day as it reflects the mood of this occasion-- cool, flowy and calming. Added with the elegance of pleated folds and billowing silhouette that can flatter anyone’s figure, these dresses can never be a wrong choice.

Here are some of the recommended Pleated A-Lines for you to try:

Which style of Bridesmaid gowns would you try?

We hope you like the style
ideas we recommended!

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