Different Neckline Prom Dress and styling tips

Different Neckline Prom Dress and styling tips

The potential of your prom dress begins, well, at the beginning! The neckline of your dress determines where attention will be focused and how comfortable you will be as you pose for photos, hang out with your friends, and dance with your date. It also creates the canvas for what kind of accessories and hairstyles look best. There are an array of styles to choose from, so here we’ll take a look at some of the most flattering necklines for your body type.
Ready to begin? Let’s take it from the top!
Halter dresses draw the eye to your shoulders, so they are great if you have athletic, toned arms you want to show off. They can create a wider look on top, so try this style if you are narrow on top and wider in the hips and want to create a more balanced silhouette.
Hairstyle Idea: Half up, half down with some wave or texture, brushed back behind your shoulders
Jewelry Suggestion: Simple earrings and a cuff or statement bracelet. You’ll already have detail around your face, so this will evenly distribute your glam.
Here are Marla's Recommended Halter Neck Dresses:

Strapless dresses can be as infamous as they are classic at a prom. First things first, make sure they fit snugly enough on top that you are not constantly hoisting your dress up throughout the night. In fact, we urge you to do a little dance in the fitting room to see what happens when you bust a move.
Is everything still in place? Great. Choose this style if you have a small or medium-sized bust, and want to accentuate your shoulders, neck and upper back. A straight across style will cover your chest and minimize cleavage, while a sweetheart neckline will showcase a bit more decelottage and actually make your chest appear a cup size larger.  
Hairstyle Idea: A low, loose updo with a visually interesting detail, like a braid.  
Jewelry Suggestion: A medium-sized necklace in an eye-catching color or stone, to break up the area between your chin and neckline, and draw attention up to your face.
Here are Marla's Recommended Strapless Neck Dresses:

High Neckline will usually overlap into the high neck category, so a lot of the same tips above can be applied here. High necked dresses look great on hourglass shapes - especially if you want to showcase your curves in a form-fitting style without revealing too much. The modest neckline also allows you to be more adventurous with cutouts, length and low backs.
Hairstyle Idea: A chic chignon twisted to the nape of your neck to match the sophisticated style.
Jewelry Suggestion: Daring, dangling earrings, like chandelier, tassel or drop stone.
Here are Marla's Recommended High neck Dresses:

A V neck can range from a subtle dip to a dramatic plunge, and this classic neckline is quite universally flattering. If you have a petite stature, a deeper style is beautifully elongating and makes anyone look taller. If you are tall and/or have a long neck, a shallower V will do just right. V necks are also wonderful if you want your shoulders to appear less broad, as they draw attention inward to the center of your torso.
Hairstyle Idea: Down in loose waves and a side part, to offset the centered focus of your neckline.
Jewelry Suggestion: A delicate necklace with a little sparkle that will compliment your collarbone area without completely covering it.
Here are Marla's Recommended V-neck High neck Dresses:

No matter what neckline you choose, we have one more treasured tip.
Trust us: Stand. Up. Straight. 
A proud posture is thefinishing touch on a magnificent gown, plus you will look amazing in photos.

So, from finding the perfect dress to dancing the night away, here’s to a magical prom!