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Style Guide in Matching your Dress to your Shoes

Usually, any heels can go well with a gown if paired correctly. There are 3 main things to consider: Dress Color, Dress Length and Plain/Embellished.

Open-toe high heels + Floor length dresses  

Open-toe high heels + Floor length dresses

A classic. Open-toe heels go well with almost any style or cut of evening gown. Additionally, the heels give an extra lift and height to the wearer at the same time allowing the gown to fall beautifully. This prevents the wearer from tripping over the hem of the dress. Trying out Stilettos can bring classic elegance and show off your colored nails on your feet, it also creates variety of options and creativity of showing style especially if your trying a Strappy lace stilettos.

Here's a recommended floor length dress to match with your Open Toe High-heels.

Peep-toe + Ankle-length dresses

Peep-toe shoes go well with bare legs. It creates a silhouette of continuation for both dress and legs. They are also more comfortable compared to stilettos. We think high-low dresses or cocktail dresses are a good match with peep-toe pumps. These shoes are also less stressful to wear and create the perfect balance on style especially if you're planning to wear a High-low Dress. Be sure to get an amazing pedicure that will peep through your shoes.

Here's a recommended High-low dress to match with your Peep Toe Shoes.

Color Contrast with the Dress color

This creates a more modern pairing than the traditional same color of both dress and shoe choice. Colors like a baby blue dress paired with soft warm hues like orange peach or butter yellow, or even bright colors like teal dress paired with some mustard heels are some good examples.

Here's a recommended High-Slit dress to match with your Yellow Heels.

Monochromatic Matching

To create a chic look, most pairings that women go for are monochromatic looks. Wedding events don't shy away from this style choice. If you have a pink dress, it’s safe to pair it with a color that does not stray away from pink hues. Monochromes are great if you don’t have enough time to choose or you want to create a solid silhouette.

Here's a recommended Short pink dress to match with your Pink Heels for a monochromatic pairing.

Plain long gown + Over embellished shoes

The overly embellished shoes can ramp up the look of a plain or simple dress. Good example would be a plain satin dress complimenting jeweled glittered heels. Or a simple frock and frill dress with silver rhined shoes. (This goes both ways: Embellished dress + Plain shoes) These shoes can create class and create an effortless look.

Here's a recommended Mermaid style dress to match with your jeweled glittered heels.

Prints + Simple Gown

It’s not new that prints do create a playful twist on simple dresses. This pairing is definitely perfect especially with summer season weddings or with semi-casual and casual weddings. Be sure to use prints that match the theme of the event you plan to attend to and avoid overdoing it. Prints heels would look also be effective on short dresses as well, the Printed heels are perfect shoes for special events that you would also love to re-use to show off that fashionable vibes.

Here's a recommended long dress to match with your Printed Heels.

Which shoe and dress pairings would you try?

Which shoe and dress pairings would you try?

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