Healthy Skin care tips for Bride to be

Healthy Skin care tips for Bride to be

It’s been quite a journey, and you are finally days away from living your life together. It’s nerve-racking, exciting, nostalgic and all other emotions intertwined. We get it! This is a major milestone. But take a moment to breathe and grab a glass of tea. It’s your big day we're talking about, and there’s nothing more saddening than looking stressed and tired on one of the most important days of your life-- those photos are sure to last a long time, hun. And, as you know by now, one of the vital things to keep in mind while planning your way to your wedding is to not forget self-care. So, you clicked this post and we’re not letting you close this tab without getting tips to help you get that bridal glow. Scroll down if you’re curious.

Skin care is self-love

1. Manage Stress

No amount of make-up can hide a tired-looking skin. At your wedding, you would want to allow your skin to look as natural as possible. So, let’s make one thing clear here… and that is your skin! It’s never too early to work on your skincare. The earlier is actually the better-- whether that be months away from the wedding or weeks.

For starters, the most essential of skin care steps are cleansing without stripping natural oils off your face, properly moisturizing, and protecting the skin from damages brought by sun exposure. At night, adding a serum that targets your skin concern will be a big help in improving your skin’s health. And don’t forget to exfoliate with gentle products twice to thrice a week. Having solid skin care will do you immense good, so start now!

Foods for the Skin

You might be on a diet as preparation for your wedding, or not. Whichever of the two, you might want to think about creating a holistic choice with what you take in. Choosing foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, E and Omega-3s can also help you achieve a glow from within, while helping you stay in shape. Try adding oats, olive, berries, salmon, greens like spinach, nuts to name a few. These are the common foods you can start with, but there are articles about super foods across the internet that you can check on. At the end of the day, this tip hits two birds with one stone. Sounds like a win to me!

Protect your Skin from the Sun

As much as possible avoid being exposed too much from the Sun! As radiation and UV rays can damage your skin and can also age more. To avoid this, use Sunscreen always and religiously practice applying one wherever you go outside, it is also recommended to apply a sunscreen with a SPF30 or a 5-star review of a UVA rating before buying a Sunscreen product. You can also consult first with your Dermatologist what suits best with your skin. Also for extra protection, you can also wear sunglasses or an umbrella to avoid having any contact from the Sun before your Big day.

Sheet happens

If every effort you’ve done feels like it could be better or you wish to take a step more to get that radiant look, a sheet mask wouldn’t hurt at all. It’s relaxing, it makes the skin glow and it’s not expensive at all. Plop on a sheet the night prior to your wedding or do it every other day weeks before. Treat yourself with this mini luxury. Always know you deserve it.

Beauty Sleep

A total no-brainer. You should get as much sleep as you can as a good sleep boosts your blood flow, helps in improving mood and gives a glowing complexion. At night, your body produces a growth hormone necessary for collagen production. In short, sleep is a surefire way to help your skin repair itself. Less puffy, dark under eye in the morning and more dewy, radiant skin instead.

After party

After all the celebration and preparations, you might be tired and just wanna rest as soon as you can. But this is a reminder for you to take your make-up off after all the partying and at least put a moisturizer on. Also, keep in mind that taking care of your skin doesn’t stop as soon as the celebration ends, it’s a continuous process that you might want to keep as skin care is a healthy lifestyle. It’s part of having good well-being. When you look and feel confident, it reflects outwards. So keep that confidence, girl.

Now you are ready for your Skin Beauty routine!

Now you are ready for your Skin Beauty routine!

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