Inviting your dear friend who has been with you thru thick and thin, is a privilege and an honor to be your Bridesmaid on your Wedding Day. However, you want to invite them in a special way, but how? We at, will give you "pop the question" ideas that will have your bridesmaids definitely say YES!

1. A Secret Message item

You want to create a surprise way of Popping the Question by giving your bridesmaid a Scratch Card or a Fortune Cookie. It may be simple but the effort of making them is surely going to impress your bridesmaids excited enough to be a part of your Bridal Squad.

This kind of method is effective if you have a Close friend who appreciates your efforts and doesn't expect anything from you.

2. Get together

Organize a get-together! It can be a House party or a Spa-date with your Besties. Create an enjoyable moment that will surely help them set the mood in asking the question.

3. Send a Gift Item

We know everyone loves gifts! You can start asking them the question by giving them a Gift. If you don't have any ideas of what to give them, you can start off by giving them a bottle of wine, a box of Goodies, Luxurious bath set, or a beautiful Dress that can actually be their Perfect Bridesmaid Dress to wear on your wedding day.


You can start buying them dresses by trying these two that we highly recommend!

Once your bridesmaids say YES! Let's go shopping and visit for the perfect bridesmaid dress to make your special day memorable!