Perfect Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Perfect Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Your dress goes hand in hand with your hair. Picking a dress that flatters you is just as important as choosing a hairstyle that accentuates your features and neckline. Styling your dresses the right way will surely take your look to a next level, you might be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

We’ve rounded up some top hairdos for a scene-stealing overall look. Check them below:

Flowy Lace Corsets + Natural waves

1. Manage Stress

Letting your hair down with some natural-looking waves can create a sweet, soft look that goes well with flowy lace dresses. Since it can feel a little bare with off-shoulders, this hairdo can offer a little coverage while still allowing the collarbones to peek through. You can style it up furthermore by clipping the sides to show the face more.

Here's a recommended Flowy Lace Corset dress to match with your Natural Waves Hairstyle.

Fitted Off-shoulder + Up-do

Style your hair in an up-do-- high, low or messy. For this off-shoulder dress, we suggest bringing your hair up to highlight your collarbones and elongate your neckline. You can either do a sleek bun or opt for one with long parted bangs to frame the face. Either way, this pairing will surely give a chic, sexy statement especially with its mermaid silhouette.

Here's a recommended Fitted Off-shoulder dress to match with your Up-do Hairstyle.

One-Shoulder + Low ponytail

This multi-way dress can be worn in over 100 ways. But when worn in an asymmetrical or one-shoulder, we definitely would style it with a low voluminous ponytail. This style creates a minimal, clean look while still being soft. The low ponytail allows the shoulder feature of the dress to show through while leaving some parts of the shoulder bare. After all, we’d really want you to flaunt that beautiful shoulder line.

Here's a recommended One-Shoulder dress to match with your Low ponytail Hairstyle.

Strapless + Side-swept Waves

This hairdo is easily an instant pick for strapless dresses as it is relaxed and lets you take your dress in the spotlight. By letting one side at the back and the other half cascade down your back, it frames your face and draws attention upon your shoulder. It can be done in minutes and be styled with various hair pieces for a more extravagant vibe.

Here's a recommended Strapless dress to match with your Side-swept Hairstyle.

Plunging Neckline + Half-up, Half-down

With plunging neckline dresses you would want to opt for that fifty-fifty look as this dress is both sexy and sophisticated. Tie or braid half of your hair to turn some of it away from your face, and let the other half flow down. This classic simple glam look shows your neckline beautifully and draws   attention to the center of your body.

Here's a recommended Plunging Neckline dress to match with your Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle.

High-slit Off-Shoulder + Pinned Back Hair

Add enough sleekness to your high-slit dress with a pinned back hair. This pairing would definitely create a polished, high-style look added with a dainty necklace or elegant earring-- it’s a sure effortless chic. 101% this one is a head turner.

Here's a recommended High-slit Off-Shoulder dress to match with your Pinned Back Hairstyle.

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