Owning your Style at Any Age

Who says you cannot own a style at any age? Age is nothing but a number. Much deeper than putting on clothes, style is about whom you are, your values; it is your identity— your age should never stop the manifestation of your unique identity.
Style is about being confident in whom you are. If you are not a fan of yourself, there is no magic that’ll make you feel good even when you are wearing the Queen’s attire.

In this article, we’ll unveil how to own your unique style irrespective of your age.


Trendy is cool but what happens when certain trendy clothes makes you feel less of yourself? Rather than conforming to fashion norms; look for what works for you, the style that breeds great confidence in your self esteem. When you find that trend that works for you, be ready to own it.


Do not get caught up trying to impress others that you lose your comfort. Feeling self-conscious about an outfit is a pointer that you shouldn’t be in it.

Having your own preference doesn't make you lose your own style, like wearing a jumpsuit for a wedding or formal events isn't a bad thing, be confident in what you wear and what you are comfortable with it, and own it like boss babe!


Owning your style does not have to be expensive but you cannot own your style wearing worn out and tattered outfits. Take out your old fashion wears—transform them into artistic accessories.

Better still, replace your closet with comfortable wears that are easy to match and mix. Outfits that are simple yet when paired together speak sophistication and excellence are the best choices.



Fashion is an art and as such, it provokes the creativity embedded in us. Owning your style is as simple as carefully selecting outfits that reflects your personality and artistically pairing them.

One example of this is the Infinity Dress, It is a Multi-way dress that you can change its style based on your preference, with this dress you can customize your style in any way you want!
Now that you know that at any age, you can own your style; go out there and unapologetically own that unique style.