Management Team

Mala Marwah - Founder & President of Retail Operations

From an early age, she saw the building up of textile capabilities, the diversification of its product base, and emergence which gave birth to the business idea. From specializing in sourcing & supplying quality textile raw materials across the world, today her efforts have let the company be one of the leading special occasion showrooms. Her idea gave birth to the brand, Marla's which has achieved a remarkable presence as an exporter in Women’s Special Occasion Dresses.

Her passion of customer service, retail business, and expanding different dress lines led this company to reach unimaginable heights. She is constantly travelling the world to find new designers who bring unique styles, excellent delivery times, and have a wide size range to cater to all women.

Mack Bhatia - Senior Director of Online Operations

Mack Bhatia is a second-generation entrepreneur who went to study overseas and started many online companies. He envisioned as a dynamic enterprise. It is an omnichannel approach to business development & brand building that has enabled them to create a seamless integrated & unique experience for their customers through its various touchpoints. evokes the very spirit of amazing customer service and trending fashion. An upstart, innovative and dynamic brand - - offers the best of trending special occasion dresses. Staying true to the brand's unique promise of premium and wearable fashion.

His main motto is, "Customers Come First" and he invokes that message to all 50 team members across different departments.