Bridesmaid Wedding Bouquet and Dress Ideas

Bridesmaid Wedding Bouquet and Dress Ideas

Flower bouquets are such an important element on your wedding day, just as the women who will hold these. More than adding some visual romance and beauty to this special day, these delicately arranged flowers help in highlighting your best gals among the sea of your guests. And though there are lots of things to consider like your prettiest colorways and theme, we’ve rounded some pairings that we think will make your gals bloom in every aspect of your wedding. Are you up for it? Check our suggestions below.

Warm Blushes and a Nosegay  

Warm Blushes and a Nosegay

There are various bouquet types, and possibly the bride may already have some ideas on what they want for the bridesmaids. But one of the most popular arrangements is Nosegay. Generally it has one focal flower or color that defines the bouquet and usually contains more greenery than a posy. Dresses with contrasting hues like classic blushes or light warm tones work well in making both the dress and flowers pop against the greens.

Here's a recommended Blush dress to match with your Nosegay Bouquet.

Stemmed from Plain grace

Single stem has become a popular choice too for bridal events. Flowers with big petals or are naturally big in size work well especially in weddings with simple themes. The flowers are big enough to attract attention but also mellow enough to not overpower your bridesmaid’s beauty, instead compliments them more. With simple dresses, this arrangement can stand out as both elements exude plain grace and innocence. You can opt for different kinds of flowers for each of your gals or stick with one type, just be sure they’re all big enough.

Here's a recommended dresses to match with your Single Stem Bouquet.

Pure Simplicity with Posy

This bouquet features mostly flowers and little to no greenery. They are small enough to be held in one hand and arranged into a dome. As it is petite, it suits dresses that are simple or has elegant folds like pipes or pleats. Make your ladies stand out by picking a dress color on the other end of the spectrum as your flowers. Or if you plan on sticking with a single hue, create a dome of luscious flowers in ombré.

Here's a recommended dress to match with your Posy Bouquet.

Go bold with Pomander

Pomander bouquets are spheres of flowers that include a ribbon handle at the top for carrying to which goes well with dresses with ribbons, thicker straps or those with accents of bold waistbands, folds and piping. The ribbon handles will neatly match these details in your bridesmaid’s dresses. And since this arrangement is structured into a sphere, we think that A-lines or gowns with less structured fall can allow this pairing to be more relaxed.

Here's a recommended dresses to match with your Pomander Bouquet.

Tied by Free flow

Hand-tied bouquets give off a wilder or more bohemian vibe than the other arrangements. It’s a lot freer with its cluster of flowers tied together with ribbon, giving the arrangement a casual look from the loose stems. Paired with a flowy gown, it’ll surely make your girls look like they just freshly picked these from the garden.

Here's a recommended dresses to match with your Hand-tied Bouquet.

Composite Tulles & Frills

Composite uses a series of buds, petals, and blooms wired together in an arrangement that looks like a single, giant flower made from smaller flowers. This elegant yet meticulous order reminds us of dresses with tulle, frills and dainty folds. This pairing that seamlessly matches each other will surely create a look that intertwines layers of romance and femininity.

Here's a recommended dresses to match with your Composite Bouquet.

Taut like a Biedermeier

Lastly, biedermeier is a round bouquet consisting of a tight bunch of uniformly cut flowers wrapped by fabric or wire. It’s structure creates a perfect resemblance to dresses that accentuate curves like mermaid cuts as this bouquet is arranged into a tight perfect dome. Usually, it consists of a single type of floral or varying types of florals in a single color. As it is also a polished arrangement, frocks that are with elegant cuts would also work well.

Here's a recommended High-slit Off-Shoulder dress to match with your Pinned Back Hairstyle.

Which Floral Bouquet styles would you try?

Which Floral Bouquet styles would you try?

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