Top 5 Bridesmaid Gowns to try this 2020!

Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Color Ideas to try!

Your wedding is about you and your other half, but if you think about it it’s a celebration more than just the two of you. If you want to set a theme or a color for your Wedding, then this suggestion for color ideas can provide you insights to add more creativity into your Wedding. Since It’s a celebration and declaration of your love in front of all the people that has become a part of your life. And among those people are your best gals-- your bridesmaids.

So we’ve rounded up some bridesmaid colored themed dresses that’ll surely set your squad apart by looking their absolute best (in pink or navy? Check it out below)

5. Red for the Love

1. Manage Stress

We all know that red symbolizes love, having this kind of color theme on your wedding day would show the love between you and the love of your life! Not only it will match to your wedding, your Bridesmaids would love to try a red dress for its elegance and gorgeous look when wearing one!

Here are some of the recommended Red Dresses for you to try:

4. Go, Green Gang

Organic and earthy weddings continue to grow in popularity especially this 2020 with its simplicity and harmonious atmosphere. Totally, our vibe! With the traditional white gown, whichever green shade you prefer: from sage green, emerald or greenery, surely the bride’s beauty will be emphasized along with her bridesmaids. We see this color theme perfect for garden and backyard weddings.

Here are some of the recommended Green Dresses for you to try:

3. Golden Sun

This color will brighten up the celebration as soon as your girls bring out the warmth once they lead down that aisle. You can definitely sing “they are your sunshine” as yellow tones are psychologically linked to boosting mood. It’s also safe to say it can liven up your wedding portraits with that pop of color. Our personal color pick for some summer-themed wedding.

Here are some of the recommended Yellow or Champagne Gold Dresses for you to try:

2. A little bit of Blush

Seasons have come and gone, but pinks remained to be a classic choice for bridal color. If you're looking for a more muted tone, the pink color family such as baby blush to mauve pink will surely reflect a blooming love that will continue to flourish with time. Ha, we can feel spring time just by looking at this color.

Here are some of the recommended Mauve Pink Dresses for you to try:

1. Classic Blues

No, this is different from wedding blues. Pantone has announced that this year’s color is Classic blue. If you're up for this year’s trend, you can definitely opt for this color. We also think it screams ‘Starry Night’ if you're going for a theme under the sky. To add, this color choice is often associated with intelligence, power and confidence--wait, did we just describe your bridesmaids?

Here are some of the recommended Classic Blue dresses for you to try:

Which color of Bridesmaid gowns would you try?

Which color of Bridesmaid gowns would you try?

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