Bridesmaids, Reporting for duty!

Your sacred job is so much more than holding a bouquet and straightening a train. You are the bride’s support system, and if you are calm, cool, collected and prepared, she will be too. Here are some of our tips to help execute a stress-free wedding, so the bride does not become a Bridezilla!

1. Take Initiative and stay ahead of the Game

Wedding planning starts so far in advance, and for good reason. There are parties to plan, dresses to buy, and infinite decisions to make. The most helpful and respectful thing a bridesmaid can do is stay on schedule so there is no need to rush. You girls can take the reins on your own dresses and shoes, for example, and start the process by booking a bridesmaids’ consultation at one of our locations. Or, if you are spread around the map, start looking online at options. 

2. Pitch In and help the MOH

And if you are the Maid of Honor, don’t hesitate to accept and ask for help! You can all operate together as the dream team. This can include planning the bachelorette party and wedding shower. It’s too much for one person, so even if you can’t physically pitch in, be as available as possible to communicate, contribute to decisions, and be a team player. 

3. Don't Stress the Bride

Make sure you all have a clear channel of communication with each other. Decide what works best for your party, whether that is a group text, or email, etc. This is important because you may have differences of opinion about planning the bachelorette party, wedding shower, and other details because of budgets, schedules, or what have you. Basically, the bride doesn’t need any more worries, so be honest with each other, settle stresses among yourselves, and don’t involve the bride in these moments.

4. Triple check EVERYTHING

You can never be too careful. Hair and makeup products, shoes, jewelry - make sure every last item makes it to the venue.

5. Last Minute Fixes

Imagine every emergency and come to the wedding prepared. Stain remover, a small sewing kit, mints, water bottles, protein bars (brides and grooms never get a chance to eat!) - pack your purse with anything she might need.

Here’s to a smooth, stress-free wedding!

Now be ready and aid the Bride! Ease her stress by following this overall guide, you can share this to your friends who might need this.

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