fool-proof ways to announce your engagement

Fool-proof ways to announce your engagement

You finally said YES! (or he might have-- look at you, you daring darling!). The mixture of overwhelming excitement flows over you and your partner, and the only outlet left is sharing it to the people you value most. But one tip from us, is you might want to savor the moment for you and few closest people first. Of Course, you might want to share it through your social media ASAP, but we suggest you do it when you’re ready. No need to get pressured. And there might be chances that you would also want to hold an official ceremony for it. Afterall, engagement parties can be a great start to letting both of your parties warm up to each other and your best pals as well. There are plenty of ways you can say it’s official, so why not get creative?

So, on the lookout for engagement announcement ideas? We’ve rounded up some creative ways to shout to the world that you are officially on for another milestone.

1. Social Media Post!

It’s the 21st century! And it takes a lot of creative planning now to post official life events-- from promposals to engagement and gender reveals, you name it. And the fastest and easiest medium to do so is through social media. So why not go full force and get creative?

2. Black and White


It’s classic, and it’s fool-proof. Pose with your Soon-to-be Husband wearing your ring or holding it, and let the dramatic effect of black and white do it’s magic. You also opt for silhouette shots of the both of you, a sweet candid taken by a friend or a casual silly pose to resonate this happy event. Whatever concept you might think best represents the two of you, you can never go wrong with a romantic black and white photo and short but sweet caption.


3. Fur-pect thumbnail

Got a fur baby that you love the most? I’m sure they’ve been a great part of your love story. And no one can resist the overloading cuteness of pets! Let these babies do the honor of announcing your engagement by creating concept photos with them or casually posing a ring with their boop-able noses. We know they are as excited as you are. After all, there’ll be an official addition to the family. The more the merrier, right?!

4. Full-on Prod

How about some conceptualized photoshoot or recreation of a movie poster? From TV series and favorite movies to mutual interests like 80s fashions and music. Having that strong mutual interest is a really good ground for your next engagement photoshoot. And working together to create the perfect engagement shot might just bring you closer than ever while having fun.


6. Snail Mail

Nope, mailing ain’t dead. Especially if you’re going for a vintage or a more classic approach in announcing your engagement. Physically mailing your friends and family can offer great creative ways to announce your officially off the market. Take postcards for example.


Save the Date

Go straightforward and send over a save the date card for everyone who has been a great part of your love story. You might have been together for a long time now, or just had the exact date you plan on for your wedding-- when you're sure as the sun, sending in a save the date card can be a great surprise for your loved ones.

Holiday Postcard

Hitting two birds with one stone can be a great way to double the holiday spirits and fun. Announce your engagement with a festive photo of you and your bae with your ring on and send it away to your friends and families. It’ll be a good addition to the holiday card displays of all things yuletide gay and boughs of holly.


7. Guerilla Event

Wanna go all out and with a bang? Host a fake event and invite your friends and family over. It wouldn’t hurt to make a big surprise. Announce on your event about your engagement and double it as your engagement party. Literally a party for two!

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After planning your Engagement announcement you can start looking for an engagement dress with us!

After planning your Engagement announcement you can start looking for an engagement dress with us!