Top 5 wedding desserts ideas 2017

Yummy Dessert Ideas for your Wedding!

Dessert table is the main STAR for your wedding, keep in mind of the details and the new trends coming out!  

1. Marble Cakes

As we all know marble has always been our good to go classic home décor, now it can only decorate our house, we can use it as our wedding cake, adding contemporise assent and can be part of our decoration!

Two Tier Marble Cake with Pink Flower


2. Golden Cake

 Although this is a super girly cake, we can't deny how stunning it will look sitting on your dessert table, just like a dream!



3. It's NOT all about the cake!

If you are more like a healthy/fit kind of girl you can always choose healthier ways to sweeten your guests' palette. Fruit and yogurt parfaits are a great go-to dessert for a natural (and gluten-free!) option.


4. Cake Push Pop

Cake push pops are not only super trendy, they are actually super easy to eat. And gives you another fun option if you don’t want to go for the conventional wedding cake.


5. Chocolate - The Language of Love

Chocolate releases the same hormone (oxytocin) that's released when you feel a bond with someone, definitely consider it as a big option for your wedding cake :) Modern, simple and oh-so-delicious looking!

Chocolate cake on a beautiful wedding dessert table



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